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January 23rd - Easter The 2023 MxU 75-Day Challenge

In partnership with Dr. Barrett Deubert, MxU is launching our 75-day challenge for 2023 which is designed to push the church production community towards building a healthier life.

Join us! Starting January 23rd and ending on Easter Sunday we'll be discussing and working on leveling up our daily health habits. While starting with the baseline below, we'll be “habit stacking” to build on healthy processes over the 75-day timeframe. Every 5 days, we'll up the ante—taking well-paced steps towards completing the goals outlined at the bottom of this page.

If you really want to get involved with the challenge, make sure to join our Facebook Group. Dr. Barrett Deubert will be occasionally hosting community live streams there since it's an easy place for people to engage and comment on progress or ask questions and just do life together.

Leveling up this year?

We've put together a reference page with level-up programing, on it you'll see that Dr. Deubert has provided an Advanced Eating plan that pairs with a more challenging starting point.

  • Day One Baseline

    • At least 40 oz water daily
    • 15 minutes of walking daily
    • 6 hours sleep
    • Read 10 minutes/prayer daily
  • End Goals

    • 100 oz. water daily
    • 7+ hours sleep
    • Training: 45 minutes daily
    • Study/prayer: 30 minutes daily
    • No sugar: 2 weeks minimum
    • No alcohol: 30 days
    • Fast: 2 1-day fasts

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It goes without saying: we’re not health experts. Please consult your doctor before making any major changes to your health and exercise routine.