MxU 75 Days 1-5

Dr. Barrett Deubert will be posting progress videos with updated goals as we go, you can find the first video at the link below!

Get ready for 75 days of leveling-up your health with our community.


  • Take measurements with measuring tape: mid-bicep, mid-thigh, and belly
  • Take pictures: front, back, and side (with arms behind head)
  • Weigh in
  • Begin preliminary journal starting today to track every 5 days: energy levels, sleep, water intake, current perception of stress management: 1-10

Days 1-5

  • At least 40 oz. Water
  • 15 minutes of walking per day
  • 6 hours sleep
  • Read 10 minutes/prayer

Coming Up: Days 6-10

  • No caffeine after 2pm