The MxU Podcast
June 17, 2024

#169 – Do You Need an LED Wall?

This is episode 169 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff is joined in the co-host seat this week by Nate Ellis from the MxU team. We’re celebrating with Spencer and his family as they welcome their third child into the world! Together, Jeff and Nate are joined by Chad Rose from ReveLux and Corey Miller from Jeff’s home church. They question whether or not your church needs an LED wall.

Tip: There’s a difference between a want and a need. Think through where your current technology is in their life cycle and make an educated decision.

Service Review (05:05-15:54)
This week, the crew reviews a service from One Church in Columbus, Ohio. They balance modern worship with a bit of a gospel flair. The crew gives insights on the engaging vocal sound and dynamic energy and offer some constructive feedback on instrument clarity and lighting.

Upcoming Content (15:55 – 22:11)
We’re releasing a new mixing course tomorrow all about Waves LV1! This is sort of a “part 2” to our previous release on Setting Up & Configuring Waves LV1. Jeff takes us through a full breakdown of his mix on some tracks from Chris Tomlin. We’re also giving away Jeff’s plugin presets for free. Stay tuned in to our social platforms for tomorrow’s release where you’ll be able to watch the new content and download those presets!

About Grace Church (22:12 – 28:02)
Corey Miller is a returning guest to the MxU podcast. He talks through the mission and vision of Grace Church to not always focus on the best gear possible but rather to build an environment that works for their volunteers. A volunteer-focused

Do you need an LED wall? (28:03 – 39:41)
There’s a need for intentional, tasteful, design choices in church. This is especially true when you’re managing a giant canvas like an LED wall. Grace Church has just recently made the decision to invest in an LED wall from ReveLux. Take a listen to their journey from first asking the question “Do we need an LED wall?” to installation within the next few weeks.