The MxU Podcast
June 24, 2024

#170 – Do You Really Need a New PA?

This is episode 170 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff is joined again by Nate Ellis from MxU, filling in as co-host in the absence of Spencer this week. Together, they’re joined by Joe Henson – System Engineer for Sam Hunt. They answer the age-old question “Do I really need that upgrade?” Or in other words… “Can I get by with what I have?”

Service Review (13:46-22:52)
The team reviews a submission from The Point Knox here in Knoxville, TN. Despite limited resources and an older console, Jeff and the guys commend the mix’s clarity – specifically around the drums – and offer some tips for improvement. This does pose the question, however, do you really need to be broadcasting? It’s important to balance existing resources with real needs.

Do You Really Need a New PA? (22:53-37:29)
Speaking of balancing resources and needs… the guys discuss whether or not you really need that new PA. Whether it’s a PA or another large upgrade, purchasing costly pieces of equipment should be a well thought out endeavor. Here’s the key: maximize your existing infrastructure. Work with an integrator or other local expert to determine when is the right time to upgrade or if there’s an alternative option available like replacing drivers etc…

Upcoming Content (37:30-38:10)
We’re releasing a new course tomorrow all about the basics of Resolume Arena! Caleb Shamblin walks through every aspect of the interface from basic navigation to more advanced features. This is just the first of three Resolume courses we’ll be releasing over the next few months. Whether you’re manipulating media, creating effects, or just playing back audio & video content… Resolume Arena can do it all.