The MxU Podcast
July 01, 2024

#171 – BIG NEWS & Hot Takes from the Crew

This is episode 171 of the MxU Podcast! The podcast is coming from Columbus, OH this week following our third MxU Pop-Up event. Jeff is joined by Jay Desai who’s back for the first time in our new format. In addition to Jay, Jeff is also joined by Dillan Howell and Stephen Brewster who are two long time friends of the MxU community. The guys discuss a very special announcement from the MxU camp this week… worship specific content will now be available on the MxU platform!

Big News & Upcoming Content (05:30 – 18:32)
Tomorrow, MxU is releasing our first batch of worship content on the MxU platform! For years, we’ve said that worship & tech teams are one team. Now, we’re finally putting action to our words. We’re releasing 6 courses with our friends from Thrive Worship with much more to come. Stay tuned in to our social accounts and emails for more information on the release!

Service Review (23:28 – 31:17)
Jeff recently visited a church in Romania who consistently pulls off a pretty impressive worship service. Despite some technical limitations, they’re able to deliver an incredible broadcast mix that embodies the authenticity and engagement of the room. Their ability to do so should serve as inspiration for churches everywhere.

Worship Hot Topics (31:18 – 55:42)
Should we still do “specials” on Sunday? Are “openers” even meant for churches? Is your worship set longer than your sermon? The guys discuss these hot topics and more… they deliver their raw and real responses to these common questions being asked in churches across the globe. Quick Insight: Don’t overdo it. Focus on what matters most.

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