The MxU Podcast
July 08, 2024

#172 – Spending Money in the Church SHOULD Be Difficult

This is episode 172 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff and Spencer sit down with Nate Ellis and Josh Reeder-Esparza from the MxU team. They chat baseball, catch up on all things MxU and discuss a fairly hot topic. This one should get you thinking… spending money in the church should be difficult.

Service Review (10:26 – 19:32)
The guys review a service from Harvest Church in Riverside, CA. The energy in the room is incredible and there is powerful work being done through the ministry of Teen Challenge. The team offers some critique on guitar volume and vocal compression, just some minor changes to polish off what is already a great mix.

Upcoming Content (19:33 – 23:49)
Tomorrow, we’re releasing a course all about PreSonus’s UC Metro product which is designed specifically for remote mixing. UC Metro is a game-changing tool that allows remote control mixing from anywhere in the world with minimal latency. Stay tuned in to our socials and be on the lookout for an email for the course drop tomorrow!

Spending Money in the Church Should Be Difficult (23:50 – 52:34)
This might seem obvious… but we still hear from churches all the time “if I just had more money” or “if I could just get our new console approved” as if it will be the change they’ve always needed. And that might be true for some, but it’s hard to believe that it’s true for all. The guys give their take on this hot topic and discuss openly with their honest thoughts about financial stewardship in the church.

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