video Hi-Hat with Andrew Stone

Hi-Hat with Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone walks through the intricate process of hi-hat processing to enhance your drum sound. He focuses on achieving the perfect blend of clarity and texture. He doesn’t rely on compression or gating. He delves into the art of subtle EQ adjustments, and also covers high-pass filtering to craft a hi-hat sound that complements the full drum mix.

video Kick Drum with Andrew Stone

Kick Drum with Andrew Stone

Explore Andrew Stone’s innovative journey of crafting the kick drum sound. He highlights the transformation of a kick drum sound through blending old-school influences with contemporary sound engineering. The goal is to create a drum sound that stands out.

video Drum Blending with Jeff Sandstrom

Drum Blending with Jeff Sandstrom

Dive into Jeff Sandstrom’s advanced drum mixing technique that utilizes multiple microphones to shape the tone of each drum and cymbal. This approach focuses on the use of fader levels to blend the various elements of the drum kit, creating a cohesive sound. Jeff demonstrates building a drum mix from scratch, starting with the overheads to create an overall picture of the kit, and then selectively adding in other components for a balanced mix.

video Kick Drum with Lee Fields

Kick Drum with Lee Fields

Take a deep dive into crafting the perfect kick drum sound in your mix, with Lee Fields. Using quality drums and microphones is incredibly important. Walk through the process of fine-tuning EQ and gate settings. Lee’s focus is on achieving a clear, punchy kick drum sound. It should cut through the mix without overwhelming other elements.

video Drum Blending with Lee Fields

Drum Blending with Lee Fields

Focus on achieving a balanced and dynamic sounding drum kit with Lee Fields. Discover methods for setting individual drum levels, and integrate them into a cohesive mix. Learn how to make critical adjustments to enhance the overall sound of the kit. This includes using DCAs and verb settings.

video Toms with Jeff Sandstrom

Toms with Jeff Sandstrom

Dive into refining tom sounds in your mix with Jeff Sandstrom. The goal is to achieve a rich, organic, and resonant tone. Jeff walks through his process of EQ’ing toms. He emphasizes the importance of removing boxiness. He also emphasizes enhancing both the high and low ends to achieve a hi-fi sound. These techniques add depth and texture to the toms, crafting a vibrant, balanced drum sound.