Jeff Sandstrom


#139 – Paul Cox, The Church Co & Capture Collab

Jeff and Jay have a chance to catch up on their recent tours. Then we have a great conversation with Paul Cox, founder of The Church Co and Capture Collab. You may know about The Church Co from their work on building great church websites, but you’ll also love hearing about their creative solution for photo and asset management for comms and media teams. Enjoy!

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video Why Use Tracks in Your Worship Service?

Why Use Tracks in Your Worship Service?

Its important to understand the difference between what a band can do on their own versus what they can do using extra tracks to polish their sound. Using an app like Playback by can help tracks to be accessible to your volunteers and staff teams of any size or budget.

video Metering a Mix With Plugins

Metering a Mix With Plugins

With most churches broadcasting, metering our loudness is more important than ever. Waves makes this easy with their WLM plugin. Jeff walks us through general guidelines for loudness, and how the WLM plugin works!

video How Immersive PA Systems Work

How Immersive PA Systems Work

Jeff and Lee talk through the how behind Immersive audio with the d&b crew.

video Podcast Post Processing

Podcast Post Processing

Jeff talks through the post-processing workflow for a podcast, and how he goes about editing the MxU podcast.