Jeremy Bagwell

video Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture (or PIP) is a way to place one video feed on top of another feed. This can be done in a multitude of ways, and can really be taken as far as you would like. Rusty and Jeremy discuss different examples of how we can use PIPs in church, and how to do this effectively on the Ross Carbonite.

video Aux Tip on Video Switchers

Aux Tip on Video Switchers

Here’s a quick tip on Auxes for video switchers! Auxes can help make sure you’re getting your video outputs to the right places, but remembering where each output goes can be tricky. Labeling your Aux outputs on the console is a great way to make sure your outputs are going where they should!

video Introduction to MultiViews

Introduction to MultiViews

What’s a MultiView? Why do I need one? MultiViewers are critical to video switching, without them we wouldn’t be able to effectively switch cameras and video inputs.

video Bus Map Tips

Bus Map Tips

What are some common practices when it comes to how the switcher should be laid out and bus maps? What should I be thinking about when I start building my bus maps? How do I create a bank space in my bus map? Where should black be on my bus map? Rusty and Jeremy discuss these topics in this video.

video Inputs and Outputs on Video Switchers

Inputs and Outputs on Video Switchers

Join Rusty and Jeremy as they dive deep into what inputs and outputs of a video switcher are. Learn about what internal sources and physical external inputs are. What does it mean to have various MEs reinserted internal and on my program bus map? What are the outputs of a switcher and what’s important to think about when we setup the outputs of the switcher?

video What are Auxes on Video Switchers?

What are Auxes on Video Switchers?

What are Auxes? How do I use them? Why do I need to use them? Learn the answers to all of these questions in this video!