video Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell focus on people management in leadership, highlighting the importance of human connections and relationships in leading a team. Leadership styles and preferences can be diverse, not everyone aspires to be in a leading position over others. There is a common misconception in church culture that declining leadership roles equates to lacking ambition. Leaders should actively engage in building relationships and influencing their team members, rather than just seeking a leadership position.

video Task Management

Task Management

Jeff Sandstrom and Dillan Howell focus on task management and the delegation of responsibilities. This emphasizes the importance of moving away from a self-centered approach to leadership. In this approach, the leader should leverage the strength of team members. Effective delegation and task management can lead to personal growth for team members. It also makes for a more efficient, collaborative working environment.

video Building Culture

Building Culture

Creating and managing a healthy team culture can be an intricate endeavor. However, culture is especially important within church environments. Culture is more often absorbed than directly taught. Culture can be compared to family dynamics, where values are caught, just not taught. Culture is the DNA of the team, and it’s important to nurture a positive and vibrant atmosphere through growth and collaboration.

video Spirit-Led Leadership

Spirit-Led Leadership

The need for spirit-led leadership cannot be overstated. This conversation underscores the truth that leadership extends beyond managing tasks. Leaders should focus on nurturing their own spiritual and personal growth. Self-care is a key part of effective leadership.

video Understanding Bids – Don’t Miss The Little Things

Understanding Bids – Don’t Miss The Little Things

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video Understanding Bids – Insurance

Understanding Bids – Insurance

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