Yamaha DM Consoles

video Encoder Mode on the DM7

Encoder Mode on the DM7

The encoder mode on the DM7 draws on the functionality seen in the Yamaha RIVAGE series. For engineers looking to streamline their workflow on the console, Jeff and Russ take a deep dive into how the encoder mode can be used to efficiently adjust various parameters across multiple channels.

video Yamaha DM7 Console Overview

Yamaha DM7 Console Overview

Jeff Sandstrom from MxU and Russ Long from Yamaha take a look at their newest console, the DM7. Gain an in-depth overview of the DM7’s features, capabilities, and enhancements for your mix.

video Channel Overview on the DM7

Channel Overview on the DM7

Walk through the Yamaha DM7’s functionalities, specifically focusing on the channel strip’s features, from input gain to output assignment.

video Menus on the DM7

Menus on the DM7

Jeff dives into the key setup and configuration aspects of Yamaha’s DM7 mixing console. This is especially helpful for those encountering the DM7 console for the first time, as Jeff provides a comprehensive guide to its menus, features, and customization options.

video Mixing a Full Band on the DM7

Mixing a Full Band on the DM7

Jeff and Russ mix a full band using the Yamaha DM7, including bass, keys, guitars, and tracks. They emphasize the importance of managing stereo inputs and integrating various instruments into a mix that sounds cohesive. Learn how to efficiently utilize the DM7’s features to enhance your services, focusing on the subtleties of compression, EQ, and effects.

video Mixing Drums on the DM7

Mixing Drums on the DM7

Jeff and Russ spend some time dialing in a drum mix on the Yamaha DM7. They focus on fine-tuning drum sounds, starting from the ground up with a flat EQ and no dynamics, and gradually shape the tonality and dynamics of each drum component.