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August 24 Aug 24
d&b audiotechnik

Loudspeakers & Systems

The lab coats and the hoodies come together to better help us use loudspeaker systems.


Knoxville, TN


9AM - 8PM




PA Systems

Workshop Details

The first part of the day we’ll be discussing problems we face with acoustics and speakers systems, including some approaches to try and solve them. Later, we’ll move into the science behind how we hear and how that will influence future tech. This is a workshop where the lab coats and the hoodies come together to help us better use loudspeaker systems.

  1. 9:00 am

    Check In

  2. 9:30 am


  3. Noon

    Break For Lunch (not provided)

  4. 1:30 pm


  5. 3:30 pm


  6. 6:00 pm

    Dinner provided

Course Information

“demystifying audio”- the questions you always wanted to ask.

  • Understanding how loudspeakers and acoustics affect your ability to mix
  • What makes a “good room” vs “bad room”?
  • What is good intelligibility?
  • Why does loudspeaker placement matter?
  • What is going on inside these mysterious black boxes?
  • How to talk to your leadership about acoustics and sound system issues.

“tuning a system”- more art, more science. 

  • This is a conversation between mix engineer and system engineer
  • What is arrival time?
  • How do we perceive loudness?
  • What do terms like impact, feel, presence actually mean?
  • What is quantifiable data about a sound system?
  • What to look for when looking at speaker coverage.
  • How loud is loud—SPL needs for your system.
  • How do I talk about my system to a guest engineer in a way that they can understand.
  • How to make a tech rider for your PA system.

“hearing vs listening” – how we listen.

  • How do we localize sounds?
  • How do we create connection between the platform and the seats?
  • What does “immersive” actually mean?
  • What about acoustics and reverberation?
  • What is the future of these type of audio systems?
  • How practical is it for me in my church?

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