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August 3 Aug 3

RF Training

Unlock the power of RF technology with in-depth training designed for audio engineers and technicians.


Knoxville, TN


9AM - 8PM




Radio Frequency Technology

Workshop Details

This training will cover RF theory and system design, plus take a deep dive into Sennheiser’s state of the art wireless technologies and offerings. Attendees will gain a core understanding of system components, and develop the skills necessary to plan, build, and deploy RF in critical environments.

Designed around in-depth topics such as RF modulation schemes, antenna system design, frequency coordination, and system troubleshooting this training will deliver a clear path to the real-world production environment. Live demonstrations and audience participation will also be included to solidify the understanding of RF theory and best practices that can improve the real-world performance of wireless microphone and in-ear monitor deployments.

  1. 9:00 am

    Check In

  2. 9:30 am


  3. Noon

    Break For Lunch (not provided)

  4. 1:30 pm


  5. 3:30 pm


  6. 6:00 pm

    Dinner provided

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