Purpose-built tools to help your whole team grow

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per month,
billed annually

What's Included

  • MxU video library

  • Machine Learning-based recommendations

  • Organize content with Collections

  • Advanced search

  • Invite your team with a single link

  • Assign videos and playlists

  • Create custom playlists

  • See what your users have been learning

  • Invitation to MxU Slack workspace

  • Add your own content to MxU

  • Tailored team sizes, from 5 to 5000

  • Custom billing terms

  • Regular coaching to get the most out of MxU

Frequently Asked

There’s no free trial available, however, you can book a demo to learn more while gaining an inside look at MxU.
Healthy teams take time! We’ve seen again and again that the best way teams like yours put MxU to work is with consistency, over time. Committing to a year up front is the best way to set your team up to benefit from MxU.
It couldn’t be easier to expand your team when that time comes—in fact, it’s built in to every way you invite people to MxU. We’ll let you know exactly where you stand as your team is filling up, too, so there are no surprises. Check out the help center to learn more about how user limits and changing plans works.
With an exhaustive library of 500+ videos, we work hard to meet all levels of experience with 101, 201, and 301 training content. From the beginning volunteer to staff professional, we have something for you.
While we do provide some instruction on how to operate specific gear, the vast majority of the MxU library is gear agnostic. MxU reaches all stages of learning, no matter what gear you have.