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Equip Your Team for Service

Equip Your Team for Service

Resourcing your team with detailed planning and communication is critical to your services. Prepare for music cues, lighting cues, and various other aspects of your service before you get in the room. Clear goals and wise communication helps improve your services and relationships with your team. Access to Necessary Materials Team members need access to all of the resources they need before the weekend. This includes song lists, arrangements, scripts, miscellaneous logistics information etc… When your team is equipped with the resources they need, they’ll be able to practice effectively and walk in feeling prepared for their role. It’s important to make materials accessible, in a location such as Planning Center for better team preparation. The team needs any resources that would help them learn new songs or new information before rehearsals. Specific Requirements for Technical Teams For tech teams, knowing all of the information isn’t just a suggestion - it’s vital. This involves communicating requirements for different parts of your service, such as the desired atmosphere during welcome moments or transitions. Deciding these details and communicating them beforehand lets your tech teams prepare and it improves the rapport you have as a team leader with your volunteers. Plan audio, video, and lighting requirements in advance. Communicate specific cues and settings necessary to support the service’s desired outcome. Creating Compelling Moments Creativity is necessary in planning church services with intention. This applies to every service you do, whether it’s one of the big ones like Easter or Christmas, or your typical weekend service. Give teams clear plans and creative ideas to execute that foster compelling moments for your congregation to engage with. Plan for dynamic and engaging service openers. Creativity and detailed planning are key to create compelling moments.

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