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Gentle Vocal Compression

Gentle Vocal Compression

Applying compression to vocals can use a mixture of hardware channel strips, like the Manly VoxBox, and onboard console dynamics. Dynamics include EQ and compression as tools to improve the vocal clarity, presence, and consistency in the mix. Tweaking your vocal compression ensures that lead and background vocals blend well with the full band. Key Points: The Manly VoxBox is used for the lead vocal and has various features including an integrated channel strip that provides preamp warmth, a de-esser for controlling sibilance, and compression for dynamic control. These features make the vocal sound rich and polished. Dynamic EQ helps sculpt the vocal EQ in response to performance. Trey specifically uses the DiGiCo Naga 6 which helps keep clarity without permanently changing the vocal tone. Adjust the attack, release, and ratio settings on your compressor to complement the vocal performance. Using the right settings should add character and sustain but keep the natural dynamics. The goal with background vocal should be to make them a consistent level. You should sculpt them to support the lead vocal without overshadowing it. Use balanced compression settings to clamp down to keep the mix steady while also keeping the life and energy of the background vocals. Once vocal compression is set, your next step is to blend the vocals with the compressed instruments. You should aim for a cohesive and dynamic mix where the vocals and instruments support each other.

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