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Patching with Dante

Patching with Dante

Maximize Dante’s potential in your audio setup. Andrew walks through network deployment and patching. Focus on isolating Dante traffic on dedicated switches for a more reliable setup. Take note of some of these best practices to patch audio channels in Dante Controller. This will simplify routing and enhance system flexibility and performance. Key Points: Dante networks typically use a primary and secondary network switch. These switches separate Dante audio traffic from other network data. This makes the audio traffic more reliable and predictable. Separating Dante traffic helps prevent network issues. It also makes managing the system easier, especially if your church doesn’t have a dedicated IT network engineer on staff. To patch audio channels in Dante, you need to know the different between transmit and receive channels. Make sure to align them correctly when routing. Patching efficiently includes labeling input and output channels clearly in the Dante Controller. This makes it easier to navigate and configure the system with minimal confusion. Patching in Dante is as simple as “point-and-click” to connect or disconnect routes. To do more detailed patching operations, use the device view. This helps you manage receive channels directly and label them for specific inputs or outputs. Andrew discusses how managing screens in Dante Controller is important. He recommends using a smaller window which can make patching easier. This way, you can see everything more clearly and find channels faster. This video was produced in partnership with Summit Integrated Systems and is a part of a wide range of videos produced, entitled LINK.

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