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Team Clarity for Sunday

Team Clarity for Sunday

Craft smoother transitions and clarify key details for your team by utilizing the features of Planning Center Online (PCO). Beyond scheduling, PCO offers multiple features to maximize team communication and clarity. Small Details The real value of an effective PCO plan comes from adding in detailed notes and instructions. You can add these notes to each part of your service flow. These notes, such as a house light level note, ensure smooth transitions and clear expectations. Categories Person, Audio, Lighting, and Band are all examples of categories you can use to communicate role-specific instructions. This cuts out questions and clarifications during live services. Over-Communicate Prevent misunderstandings and ensure your team is well-informed, prepared, and confident simply by over-communicating. The goal is to have as many questions answered as possible, and for those answers to be accessible to your team. Continuous Improvement Adapting your PCO flow to your needs over time is key. There is no exact formula that will work every time. It’s important to be flexible and approach service planning dynamically.

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