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The Why Behind Using Dante

The Why Behind Using Dante

Andrew, from Summit Integrated Systems, explains how Dante can help transform your audio environment. Dante is used to efficiently manage audio systems. Dante helps increase capacity and flexibility. Andrew explains how Dante will make your audio network more adaptable to any production scenario. Key Points: Dante helps to improve system flexibility and capacity. It allows for more inputs and outputs without the limits of an analog infrastructure. Using Dante for digital audio networking makes it easier to connect devices. Audio signals can move easily between locations. The advantage of using Dante is that these changes can happen without needing big infrastructure changes with new cable runs. Dante deployment makes the switch from analog to digital. Deploying Dante skips costly analog parts and changed digital signals directly. This frees up inputs on your stage racks and preamps. Dante’s flexibility makes it easy to expand and adapt your audio system to any scenario. This helps you avoid having to say “no” to new needs or ideas simply because of system limits. This video was produced in partnership with Summit Integrated Systems and is a part of a wide range of videos produced, entitled LINK.

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