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Who’s in Charge?

Who’s in Charge?

he execution phase follows the conception phase. This phase determines who’s in charge of what, how things are going to happen, and what the actionable steps are to get the required work done. Specific roles are key, whether it’s set designers or volunteer coordinators - your team is better when everyone knows who’s in charge of what. Establish the Division of Labor After you’ve defined the vision for your service, the next step is to assign tasks to team members. This phase is about making sure that the right people have the right tasks that play into their strengths. A division of labor is important for executing small or complex services. Delegate tasks to those who’s strengths best suit the task. Leveraging Volunteer Resources We all know that volunteers are the lifeline of our churches, no matter the size. Identifying a volunteer’s strengths is crucial for managing your resources well. Volunteers help ensure that all tasks are covered and that the event runs smoothly. Volunteer coordinators are a great position to have to help organize manpower. Utilize Tools for Planning In the detailed planning stage, whiteboards and spreadsheets are vital tools. Outline the workflow for your church and set deadlines for tasks to be completed. These tools also help communicate the division of tasks among your team. Organizational tools are key to help manage the event planning process. Visual aids can help track progress and delegate tasks. Build Community through Projects Delegating tasks helps with the practical parts of planning services or events. It also helps foster community and involvement within your church. Involving volunteers and community members can create strong connections that draw more people into your church’s ministry. Involving volunteers in church projects builds communi

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