Why MxU?

Desperate for healthy church teams.

Have you ever worked or volunteered in a church? If so, what did you experience?

We often hear the phrase, “There’s no perfect church.” While I couldn’t agree more, I believe this expression often lends the church an excuse for its lack of organizational health.

The church should be the healthiest organization in the world. But the reality we face today is that the church is far from pioneering the path towards healthy teams.

It all starts with people. In what ways is the church proactively stewarding its people?

I’ll be specific.

  • Are volunteers discovering their gifts and learning how to go deeper in them?
  • Are there opportunities for people to serve? If so, are they able to get involved easily and without falling through the cracks?
  • Is there an intentional and ongoing training process that allows for team leaders to properly assist while also keeping track of individual progress?
  • Are expectations communicated clearly?
  • Do team members receive regular feedback?

If the answer to any of these questions isn’t “yes”, the process is broken. And if people matter, then process is required.

So what’s the solution? The MxU platform; intentional tools built for you to recruit, train, and retain your church teams.

Healthy teams take time and require proactive leadership every step of the way. MxU isn’t just a software platform, it’s the way healthy church teams are built.

Spencer De Young