Why MxU?

The local church is positioned at the forefront of The Great Commission outlined in Matthew 28, where Jesus calls on his followers to go and make disciples of all nations. Worship bands, production crews, hospitality teams, youth and children ministries, small group leaders, and many more; all working together on a mission to spread the Gospel. But how many Christ followers are actively participating in this mission?

The reality is, the harvest is already plentiful — Jesus didn’t tell his disciples to ask God for more harvest, but for more laborers. In the local church, we can make the mistake of focusing our time and energy on delivering measurable results instead of seeking people to carry out The Great Commission. So what does it look like to invite people to be part of the harvest and to steward that invitation well through the local church?

I’ll be specific.

  • Are there opportunities for people to serve? If so, are they able to get involved easily and without falling through the cracks?
  • Are volunteers discovering their gifts and learning how to go deeper in them?
  • Is there an intentional and ongoing training process that allows team leaders to properly assist while also keeping track of individual progress?
  • Are expectations communicated clearly?
  • Do team members receive regular feedback?
  • Is there a standard process for communication?

If the answer to any of these questions isn’t “yes”, leadership is lacking. And if we’re going to invite people to be part of the harvest, leadership is required.

MxU exists to see church teams steward their volunteers well, with intentional tools for leadership that inspire excellence. This is why we created the MxU platform; software tools and training videos that help churches recruit, train, and retain their volunteer teams.

Spencer De Young