Why MxU?

Worship in the local church is expressed uniquely. Style of music, instrumentation, volume level, lighting and visuals — every church looks and sounds a little different. At MxU, we believe this diversity of expression in churches around the world is a beautiful example of how God has uniquely gifted His people. But how is the Church pursuing excellence in these gifts we’ve been given?

Psalm 33:3 says, ”Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” So what might it look like for a team to play skillfully while serving in worship and tech ministry through the local church today?

I’ll be specific.

  • Are the lyrics on the screen correct and timely?
  • Does the audio mix make it easy to hear the words being sung from the platform?
  • Are musicians playing the right parts to songs?
  • Do the visuals draw people into an atmosphere of worship?
  • Is the instrumentation being played in tune?
  • Was the microphone turned on in time?

I’m sure you could think of many more examples, but here’s the point — the gospel leads us to worship, and from it, we should strive for each of these questions to be answered with a “yes.” A posture of excellence in our skill matters when we bring our talents and gifts to God through congregational worship.

MxU exists to see people experience the presence of God through worship in the local church. This is why we created the MxU platform; software tools and training videos that help church worship and tech teams pursue excellence in their gifts.

Spencer De Young