MxU Features

MxU Training Videos

There’s always more to learn when it comes to executing live production in the church. That’s why we’ve created a never-ending library of training videos, designed for all who want to pursue a new standard of excellence in audio, video, and lighting.

Bite-sized training.

Learning complex topics has never been easier than watching a quick 5-minute video on the go.

For beginners and professionals.

101, 201, and 301 level training β€” there are no pre-qualifications for learning in MxU.

Personalized for you.

Specific recommendations based on your interests will turn one question into a wealth of knowledge.

Always growing.

With training videos added weekly, you never have to worry about missing new or relevant concepts.

Discover with ease.

Find exactly what you’re looking for with powerful search while filtering specific skill levels and interests.

Learn from experts.

Move forward with confidence knowing that you’re learning from industry leading professionals.