MxU Features


Are you tired of losing potential volunteers before they even start? With Onboarding, you can finally streamline your recruitment process. No more missed follow-ups, forgotten text messages, nobody falls through the cracks.

Guided steps.

You never have to wonder what the next step is for a new volunteer wanting to get involved on your team.

Intentional follow-up.

Use customized interactions like sending an Assignment to ensure team members always know their next step.

Know your people.

Keep important notes on conversations and progress so that you can lead team members with confidence.

Effortless connection.

Gain new team members from a simple QR code; added to walk-in slides, printed materials, etc.

Unified workflow.

You and the rest of your team leads can follow the same guided process to execute a people-first standard.

No more guessing.

Email reminders, in-app notifications, and recommendations keep you on track even when things get busy.

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