MxU Features


Stop wondering if your team is learning the right things. With Assignments, you can create custom learning paths for individuals, groups, or all members of your team.

Instant reward.

Progress markers give team members a real sense of achievement from the moment they start a new assignment.

Recognize wins.

With progress metrics, you’ll have the latest info on which members of your team are leveling up their skills through MxU.

Tailored-fit training.

MxU Training, Custom Content, Courses β€” hand-chosen by you so your team gets the exact training they need.

Personal interaction.

We’ll tee up a “nudge” notification from you to send off when someone on your team appears to be falling behind in their training.

Build a learning culture.

MxU will suggest pre-built assignments for you to send to specific team members who might need help re-engaging in training.

Standardized education.

Every member of your team goes through purpose-built training paths to strengthen a culture of unity and excellence.

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