Spending the better part of my like serving others through music and show production has given me the opportunity to develop three basic credos I use frequently. It may surprise you that none of these are technical in nature. I’ve always been a firm believer that my brain… Read More


When I started working in the entertainment business it wasn’t long before I was getting all kinds of crazy opportunities to travel, see the world, and learn to develop production skills from some of the best people on the planet. All that time I never gave a second… Read More

Go Therefore

One thing I have been wrestling with this year is something so simple and so basic to the Christian world, yet it’s been so hard for me to grasp until now. It’s the Great Commission. Jesus told us in Matthew 28:18-20 “…Go therefore and… Read More

I’m Not A Leader

I’m not a leader, and that’s okay. I’m a doer. I don’t like being in front of people. I don’t motivate the masses like William Wallace. I’ve never inspired anyone to higher heights because of a rousing speech. In fact, I really… Read More

The Most Creative Thing I’ve Ever Seen

I was recently on a school trip with my son to the East coast. It was an amazing tour of the early settlements, our nation’s capital, and the history of how our nation began. One of the most impressive things I saw is actually one of the most creative things… Read More

Perspective for a Successful Tech

You’ve heard the famous story of the tortoise and the hare. What an epic race of speed versus slow and steady. In the end, the slow and steady wins the race over the hurry. That story often reminds me of our perspective with tech production, especially in the… Read More