The Three Tech Personalities

One of many lessons I’ve learned working at a church – specifically in the tech production role – is that you will work with people more than you will work with equipment. While we use equipment and technology, its purpose is to make people better, which interprets into… Read More

Letting Go: Breaking The Lie of Perfection

Letting go is hard. Overcoming the fear of failure is harder. For many of us in the tech world, it’s the latter that likely ends up driving most of the decisions we make. Afraid of making a mistake that affects the… Read More

Is it Stress or Burnout

Working with church leaders, I hear the topic of burnout quite frequently. Am I burned out? What are the signs of burnout? How do I prevent it from happening to me? What boundaries do I need in place? I’m so stressed out; I think I’m getting burned out. Read More

Own It

While traveling with a female entertainer many years ago I experienced something that turned out to be a pivotal moment in my life and career. Like many in production, I was a jack-of-all trades at the time, hired as both an Audio Engineer and Tour Manager. I had… Read More

3 Things People Assume About Tech Leaders

Sometimes tech people get a bad rap. We are behind the scenes, stealth-like servants who really just want to do the best job we can with what has been given to us. But we are also usually introverted and don’t like conflict, so we avoid it until our… Read More

Rebuilding a Sunken Ship

In the church tech world, even missing one cue like forgetting to unmute the pastor’s mic can be a disastrous mistake. The behind-the-scenes stealth workers know as tech artists have a very high expectation every weekend. To be perfect is the normal. When every cue is right, every… Read More