October 3, 2022

Help Users Complete Assignments with a Nudge

If one of your team members hasn’t finished an Assignment after a while, send them a Nudge to get their attention again. Write a personal message and we’ll deliver it in an email and in the app, alongside a link to jump in and watch.

MxU will also point out users that might need a Nudge, right in the Assignments view (where only Team Owners and Team Leads can see). You can even Nudge everyone who hasn’t completed an Assignment at the same time! Users who have finished it already are automatically excluded so you don’t feel like you’re spamming anyone. To that end, we’ll warn you if someone else on your team already Nudged a user recently, too.

You can Nudge a user from three places:

  • An Assignment report card for an incomplete Assignment (wherever you see it in the app)
  • The “Actions” dropdown on an Assignment page
  • The blue-and-white Nudge suggestion banner in the image below

We think Nudge is a great way to help your team get those Assignments completed so they can be more effective the next time they serve.