April 17, 2023

Introducing MxU Onboarding

This powerful new feature is designed to finally streamline your team’s most important process so nobody falls through the cracks. New volunteers are organized in your workflow so that their next step is always clear — and their contact info, history, and your notes throughout the process are all stored in one place.

Customizable Workflow

Start with a best-practices workflow with detailed instructions or build and rearrange so you have the perfect fit for your team.

Onboarding board within the MxU Platform

Tools For Collaboration

Get critical progress information out of your head and into one place so you and your team leaders can work together.

Onboarding board within the MxU Platform

Easier Recruitment

Your workflow has a simple signup form and downloadable assets to help you share it, like a custom QR code and this walk-in slide template.

A custom QR code and this walk-in slide template for MxU Onboarding

MxU Onboarding is available now for all teams. If you’re a Team Owner or Team Lead, you can try it out in your account now.

Learn more about putting MxU Onboarding to work for your team here.