April 11, 2023

Manage your growing team with Groups

You can now organize your team into Groups, making sending Assignments to multiple people much simpler — and a lot more in the future.

Create groups of groups and add as many users as you want

Next time you want to share some content with several people at once (like all your audio engineers), you don’t have to remember every name or check another software tool. Just search for a group name instead of a person’s name when you’re sending an assignment and everyone will get the message! Here’s an example:

Send an assignment to a group

Users can be in as many groups as you need, too, so organize your team however you want. Having a group for every campus or service type can be a big help, too! Check out some group organization tips to get started.

Groups are available today to teams on MxU Pro or MxU Unlimited. Learn more about Groups in this detailed walkthrough!