October 7, 2022

New Homepages For Your Playlists + Playlist Editor Improvements

Your custom playlists now have a great-looking “landing page” with room for rich-text documentation, image uploads, and links. Use this space to explain the benefits of completing your playlist, what new info your team will walk away with, or (as you can see in the below video) use an onboarding playlist as a pro-looking first impression for new volunteers.

Team Owners and Team Leads will also notice big improvements to the playlist editor, like a better search (that lets you add or remove videos without page reloads) and the ability to upload custom cover art for your playlists—in addition to the great new text editor with formatting, link, and image support.

Check out the overview video, or jump right in from the Playlists page. Hit the blue “Create A Playlist” button to get started if you haven’t created one yet!