May 4, 2022

Team Invitation Link Updates

We’ve made a few small updates to Team Invitation Links in MxU.

First, Team Owners can now turn their link on and off. When it’s switched off, new folks can no longer join your team through that link. As soon as you turn it on, the door’s back open! Find this new control on your Team Settings page (also new!).

Team Invitation link toggle animation

Next, we’ve moved your Team Invitation Link and the form to send a direct email invitation into the same place. Spring cleaning ๐Ÿงน.

And lastly, you can now invite someone from anywhere in the app. The link to launch the invitation window is in the corner menu (on bigger screens) and in the… different corner menu on phones.

Animation of opening a modal to invite a user

We hope this makes growing your team just a little easier. Fewer clicks is always good, right?