October 31, 2023

Updated Team Member Page

Simple but important is the name of the game with our most recent changes.

In order to streamline the language we use and prevent confusion, we’ve changed the following:

Team Leads → Admins

Admins can handle basic team administrative work, like inviting members, viewing and sharing your Team Invitation Link, creating Custom Courses, and sending and managing Assignments. They can also deactivate members with the Member role (only Owners can deactivate Admins). Note: Just like an Owner, Admins can see the email address of all team members.

Team Owners → Owners

Owners are the primary billing contact on your MxU subscription. If you’re the one who created your team’s MxU account, that’s you. Only the Owner can view and manage billing information, manage the team’s subscription, and manage Admin roles. Each team can only have one Owner.

We’ve also made some ease of use changes, which allow Admins and Owners to view member’s groups on the Team Members page. You can also edit a member’s details like their name, *email address, and phone number. You can also edit a member’s groups, and notes all from one easy to access page.

In addition, simply select the “Assignments” or “History” tabs to easily view a member’s current assignments and watch history depending on your plan. The Members page is accessible via the Team tab.

*You can’t change an email address to an email that already exists in the MxU platform, for security reasons.