MxU is more than just a library full of training videos—it’s the way to do live production.

Teams that use MxU have efficient processes that lead to executing weekend experiences at the highest level. They also experience less burnout and volunteer turnover. Here’s how MxU makes it happen.

Tailored-fit training.

Use our library of 600+ training videos to curate content specifically designed for your team. Onboarding flows, team development, and all the other training processes you’ve been waiting to build—MxU will help you stay organized along the way.

Quickly Upload Custom Videos.

Upload new team member welcome videos, create your own training content on your specific hardware, and even build a large knowledge-base of videos specific to your team. Use them in assignments or courses, they even show up in search—our platform, your playground.

Keep your team on track.

Stop wondering if your team is learning the right things. Create custom learning paths and assign them to specific (or all) members of your team. MxU will do the work of keeping them engaged while looping you in on their progress.

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Student Ministries: Console Overview
Console Overview on the Behringer WING
Console Overview on the Behringer WING
Mar 28
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Console Overview on the Behringer WING
Console Overview on the Behringer WING
Mar 28
Console Overview on the Behringer WING
Console Overview on the Behringer WING

Never miss a beat.

You’ll never worry about missing out on new content releases or updates from your team. Email reminders, in-app notifications, and assignment recommendations will enable seamless training operations starting day 1 with MxU.

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New releases!

When to use Auto-Tune
When to use Auto-Tune
Vocal Mic Technique
Vocal Mic Technique
Multiviewer Methodology
Multiviewer Methodology

You don’t have to be the bottleneck.

Delegate team management to your team leads while keeping an eye on everyone’s progress and checking in when needed.

Tech Directors

Set vision and culture
Empower team leaders
Develop strategy

Team Leads

Grow the team
Manage training paths
See less turnover


Learn from pros
Execute better
Feel valued

Easily onboard new volunteers.

Following up with conversations is easy. Send a simple link and leave the rest to MxU.

I was always meeting new people interested in volunteering but consistently found myself still needing help. My process for onboarding new team members was broken. MxU fixed this for me.

John Kaminsky

Tech Director

Hey John,

Great connecting with you today! As mentioned, here’s a link to get started with MxU. We’ll get you trained up in no time.

Thanks! I'll check it out now.

Find specific training.

Powerful search-as-you-type and filtering by difficulty make finding the exact training your team needs fast and easy.

Personalized for you.

Machine Learning-powered recommendations will keep you and your team engaged using content interests of church teams worldwide. Over a million data points all centered around a unique experience just for you.

Parallel Compression on Vocals

New Recommendations!

Compression & De-Essing
Compression & De-Essing
Vocal Mic Technique
Vocal Mic Technique
Let's Talk Vocal Mics
Let's Talk Vocal Mics

Stop leading alone.

Stay connected with production leaders around the world who are just like you. Ask questions, share stories, and create new friendships in the exclusive MxU Slack community.

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Frequently Asked

There are various pricing options when subscribing MxU. You can view them here.
Healthy teams take time! We’ve seen again and again that the best way teams like yours put MxU to work is with consistency, over time. Committing to a year up front is the best way to set your team up to benefit from MxU.
There’s no free trial available, however, you can dig into our resources to learn more while gaining an inside look at MxU.
It couldn’t be easier to expand your team when that time comes—in fact, it’s built in to every way you invite people to MxU. We’ll let you know exactly where you stand as your team is filling up, too, so there are no surprises. Check out the help center to learn more about how user limits and changing plans works.
With an exhaustive library of 600+ videos, we work hard to meet all levels of experience with 101, 201, and 301 training content. From the beginning volunteer to staff professional, we have something for you.
While we do provide some instruction on how to operate specific gear, the vast majority of the MxU library is gear agnostic. MxU reaches all stages of learning, no matter what gear you have.