MxU LIVE will leave you educated and inspired to go back home and create experiences for your church that will make a meaningful impact on your community.

Practical Training

Be in the room as a world-class live production team plans and executes an event from start to finish. Audio, video, lighting—everyone working together. You’ll walk away with the knowledge necessary to be able to:

  • Establish strong internal communication practices.
  • Foster resilient volunteer and staff relationships.
  • Improve your workflows and processes to better utilize your resources and gear.
  • Build relational capital with your team.
Thrive Worship at MxU LIVE Jeff Sandstrom, Rusty Anderson, and Daniel Connel of DC Pro

You aren’t alone.

Community is the most important facet of MxU LIVE. If you leave knowing one thing, we want it to be that people are in your corner.

A group of people at an MxU Afterparty
  • Build camaraderie with people tackling similar challenges.
  • Learn how others are building rest into their team and personal life.
  • Get to know your team out outside of your typical environment.
  • Life changing insights come from informal conversations—MxU afterparties are the perfect environment to meet the kind of people you’ll know for the rest of your life.
Jeff Sandstrom at MxU LIVE Adam Taylor of Central Church at MxU LIVE Chris Rabold at MxU LIVE Lee Fields at MxU LIVE

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