Jeff Sandstrom Managing the Chaos of Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving has passed, and now it’s time to get your team ready for Christmas. In fact, the first Sunday of Advent has already come and gone. Hard to believe! For some, this season is an execution of careful planning. For others, it’s a white-knuckled-hold-on-for-dear-life  trip that won’t end ‘til Boxing Day. All of us at MxU Coaching have felt various degrees of this tension, and would like to offer some encouragement. Wherever you find yourself on the stress spectrum, our hope is that you can find time to lead your team well. Let’s use these reminders to keep us all on track with the why behind the what, so we can avoid some chaos this Christmas.

The idea is that you would be able to take a few minutes before or after a rehearsal, download these slides, and talk through a few key ideas to help you and your team remember that, as much as we want to focus on what we’re supposed to DO, we have to keep in mind who we’re supposed to BE. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Be-Attitudes