The MxU Lighting Podcast

    #03 – Aria Grosvenor, Zactrack

    Daniel Connell has a fascinating conversation with Aria Grosvenor about Zactrack technology. Make sure to have a pen and paper handy, because she has a lot to share. Enjoy!

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    #02 – So You Wanna Join the Circus? – Tony Fransen

    Daniel Connell chats with Tony Fransen about some tips for folks entering the touring and event industry. Tony also shares some of his expertise in drawing and designing for big shows and events.

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    #01 – Daryl Sutton, Chauvet

    Welcome to the MxU Lighting Podcast! Daniel Connell has a great conversation with Darryl Sutton, Worship Resource Manager at Chauvet, about how they help serve the church production community.

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