The MxU Podcast
May 20, 2024

#165 – State of the Union

Welcome to the first episode of the revamped MxU podcast! To see the video form of this podcast, head to our YouTube channel.

New Segments

With the changes we’re making, we figured it time to introduce some new components to the podcast. 

  • Service Review – Each week will include a service review segment of sorts where Jeff, Spencer and other guests will provide constructive feedback on submissions from our community.
  • Upcoming Content – Every Tuesday, we aim to release a course on the MxU platform. Get a sneak peak into what we’re releasing the day before it drops.

Lee Fields

As some of you may have noticed, Lee Fields is no longer a part of the MxU podcast. Take a moment to reflect on his contributions to MxU and watch some of our favorite moments.

MxU Pop-Ups

Our events for this year are moving ahead rapidly! We’re already almost halfway through our event agenda for 2024 with the next Pop-Up happening in Columbus Ohio on June 11th. Head to our website to get tickets soon as spots are filling up quickly.

Upcoming Content

Tomorrow, we’re releasing content we shot with Todd Elliott from FILO centered around the core values of church production. From asking the right questions to pursuing excellence over perfection, the posture we have towards our church services will ultimately determine their outcome.