The MxU Podcast
May 27, 2024

#166 – You Might Not Need a Broadcast Console

This is episode 166 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff and Spencer sit down with Phil Bledsoe, FOH engineer for Sam Hunt and a returning guest from episode 15 of the podcast. The guys chat about mixing for broadcast, and whether or not your church needs a broadcast console.

Hint: You probably don’t.

Service Review (06:30 – 10:53)

There’s still debate around the MxU office on what to call this new segment, whether it’s “Turn up for MxU” or simply “Service Review.” Regardless – Jeff, Spencer, and Phil review a broadcast mix submitted by a member of the MxU community, Daniel. We’d love for you to submit a mix or service of your own for review, which you can do by emailing them to [email protected]. If you’re a member of our slack community, post yours in the #peer-reviews channel.

Upcoming Content (10:54 – 24:45)

Tomorrow, we’re releasing “Basic Effects” on the MxU platform. This is a course by Phil Bledsoe designed to help you and your teams understand reverb and delay. It all starts with the basics and effects could be your simplest way to improve your mix in minutes. Stay tuned in to our social accounts and emails for the course drop!

Broadcast Mixing (24:46 – 45:59)

Do you need a broadcast console? Do you even need to be broadcasting? Jeff, Spencer, and Phil share their thoughts and insights on what seems to have become a hot topic in the church community. Here’s a suggestion: do what’s best for your church, don’t look to other churches on social media for what yours should be doing.

MxU Pop-Ups (46:00 – 47:00)

We still have a few more live events this year that we’re calling “MxU Pop-Ups” and we’d love for you to join us. Our next event is in Columbus, Ohio on June 11th. Head to our website to get your tickets, they’re going quick!


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Audience Mics Can Be Simple

MxU Pop-Ups