The MxU Podcast
June 10, 2024

#168 – Should You Be Broadcasting?

This is episode 168 of the MxU Podcast! Jeff and Spencer sit down with two familiar faces to the MxU community, Jeremy Bagwell & Jeremy Lommori. a.k.a “the Jeremys” The crew discusses broadcasting and whether or not your church, and churches in general, need to do it. The overarching principle is this: we’re in a new digital age and technology is changing rapidly, do what’s best for your church.

Service Review (7:25 – 26:35)
Every week, the crew takes some time to review a church service. This week, Heart & Soul church in Knoxville TN is reviewed. Jeff & Spencer give their thoughts on the mix and the broadcast while the Jeremys give their insight on the video side. Set up & tear down is no joke and sometimes hard to make look good, props to the team at Heart & Soul!

Upcoming Content (26:36 – 34:35)
Tomorrow, we’re releasing another course with Todd Elliott, founder of FILO. This course is all around the idea that volunteers can be leaders too. The course encompasses the “Leadership 360” mentality to lead up, lead down, and lead laterally. No matter where you serve or in what position you serve in, you have the same capability to lead.

Should You Be Broadcasting? (34:36 – 1:16:55)
Streaming has quickly become a part of most churches, fueled by the need for online services during the pandemic. The church can lead in technology while also staying true to its mission, and that is the most important thing to recognize. It’s important to ask the right questions before you invest money into something that may come at the cost of your in-person services.


Jeremy Bagwell
Jeremy Lommori

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