The MxU Podcast

  • #065 – Chris Tomlin.

    Lee and Jeff are joined by guest, Chris Tomlin. You’ll hear Chris talk about the 10+ years of experiences he and Jeff had together and what’s most important to Chris when it comes to his team. Also, Lee and Jeff have a deep discussion about subs. Left/Right? Aux? To delay? To not delay? Enjoy!

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  • #064- Easter Drama, Green Jackets, & Microphones. Guest Stephen Arruda.

    Lee had a rough Easter week and Jeff did not! The guys talk about challenges Lee’s team faced at Easter, Jeff’s round of golf at Augusta National, and Stephen Arruda from joins to talk about a new partnership with MxU. Use or mention code MXU15 to get 15% off your order at

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  • Hijack: Bob Goff

    Jay has hijacked the podcast! And he brought his friend and lawyer, Bob Goff. Bob is a New York Times Best-Selling Author, Law Professor at Pepperdine University, as well as an attorney who founded Love Does, a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India, Nepal, Iraq and Somalia. He serves as the Hon. Consul for the Republic of Uganda to the United States.

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  • #063- $100 vs $1000 Microphones. Guest Gene Kim.

    Lee, Jeff, and Jay talk about the price of microphones and if there’s a limit to how much we should spend on them. Then, a great interview with Gene Kim. Gene is the FOH engineer for Johnny Swim and Phil Wickham, former mega-church TD, coffee roaster, and bow hunter. Enjoy!

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  • #062- Church Tech Martyrs & PA Shootouts. Guest Tyson Wiens

    Lee, Jeff, and Jay debate if Church Tech Directors work too much or just don’t manage their time well. Guest Tyson Wiens joins and the guys talk about a recent PA Shootout and some wild stories from previous ones.

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  • #061 – The Console Vs DAW Conclusion. Guests Robert Scovill and Tony Joy from Avid.

    Jeff and Lee talk to 2 experts from Avid about DAW’s and Consoles.  Robert Scovill returns with his colleague from Avid, Tony Joy.  Tony is a specialist on the ProTools team, and between these 2 guys, we thought we’d finally end the debate. You be the judge!

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