Allen & Heath Avantis Consoles

video Drum Processing With Onboard Effects

Drum Processing With Onboard Effects

Getting impactful drums with onboard processing is entirely possible! Phil Bledsoe talks through his process to using what’s available on your console, and how to push the boundaries of what you have in terms of effects. Wether you have an older desk, or the latest and greatest, these ideas will apply to any console you’re using.

video Mixing Drums With the Tools You Have

Mixing Drums With the Tools You Have

You don’t need all of the fanciest gear and outboard processing to get good drum sounds! Phil Bledsoe walks through his approach to mixing drums with the tools you have, and introduces some new ideas you can implement into your mixes.

video Approaching Line Check for Drums

Approaching Line Check for Drums

When doing line check, especially for drums, it can be hard to know what way to begin since there are so many ways to approach it. Phil Bledsoe walks through his process for line check, and also draws attention to a few things to watch out for during that process.

video Signal Generator on the Avantis

Signal Generator on the Avantis

Every FOH engineer needs a signal generator to check their systems. The Avantis has an onboard signal generator that makes checking your system much simpler. Lee walks us through how to use it, and some things to look out for in this video!

video Mute Groups on the Avantis

Mute Groups on the Avantis

Mute groups are extremely easy to set up on the Avantis. Having your mute groups in order before a service can help ensure you don’t miss any cues on Sunday! Lee shows us how in this video.