Andrew Stone

video Constructing a Lead Vocal

Constructing a Lead Vocal

Lead vocal processing start to finish.

video Drum Blending with Lee Fields

Drum Blending with Lee Fields

Focus on achieving a balanced and dynamic sounding drum kit with Lee Fields. Discover methods for setting individual drum levels, and integrate them into a cohesive mix. Learn how to make critical adjustments to enhance the overall sound of the kit. This includes using DCAs and verb settings.

video VCA/DCA Overview with Jeff Sandstrom

VCA/DCA Overview with Jeff Sandstrom

Explore the functionalities of VCA’s and DCA’s. They serve a powerful role as tools for controlling groups of faders. They also manage signal flow with precision. Dive into understanding the basics of VCA’s and DCA’s in live sound environments.

video Volume or Pan?

Volume or Pan?

Lee walks through a technique for enhancing the presence and spatial dynamics of lead guitars in your mix. Delve into the strategy of panning lead guitars asymmetrically. This creates a captivating stereo image with a simple yet effective method.

video Toms with Jeff Sandstrom

Toms with Jeff Sandstrom

Dive into refining tom sounds in your mix with Jeff Sandstrom. The goal is to achieve a rich, organic, and resonant tone. Jeff walks through his process of EQ’ing toms. He emphasizes the importance of removing boxiness. He also emphasizes enhancing both the high and low ends to achieve a hi-fi sound. These techniques add depth and texture to the toms, crafting a vibrant, balanced drum sound.

video Achieve a Clear Acoustic Guitar Sound

Achieve a Clear Acoustic Guitar Sound

Jeff Sandstrom dives into the art of mixing an acoustic guitar within a complex live band setup. He emphasizes the need to create space and clarity amidst various instruments. He also covers techniques for enhancing the acoustic guitar’s sound. It’s important to consider the interaction it has with other elements in the mix including the snare, hi-hats, and tambourines. This approach aims to bring life and energy to the acoustic guitar. It also ensures it doesn’t compete with similar frequency ranges of other instruments.