Cory Edwards

video Bussing with Cory Edwards

Bussing with Cory Edwards

Cory Edwards shows how he uses buses on an audio console.

video Snapshots with Cory Edwards

Snapshots with Cory Edwards

Check out how Cory builds snapshots and manages the scoping of various parameters within those snapshots.

video PA Distribution & Processing with Chris Stephens

PA Distribution & Processing with Chris Stephens

Chris shares his PA setup and approach to how it's deployed in a touring environment.


# 125 – Cory Edwards and Jonsal & Jenna Barrientes

Lee and Jeff sit down with Cory Edwards to get the lowdown on his setup for the current Elevation Worship tour. We also welcome Jonsal and Jenna Barrientes from Elevation, who will be leading the worship team on the MxU Live Tour.
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#96 – Cory Edwards

Lee & Jeff chat with Cory Edwards about car stereos and the Passion Conference. We hope you'll learn from the challenges we face when mixing in huge spaces.
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