Environmental Lighting

video Ayrton Diablo Overview

Ayrton Diablo Overview

The Ayrton Diablo is a fantastic option for a moving light that is video friendly. Caleb walks us through the feature set of the Diablo, and talks through why it may be a good option for your church.

video Light Meters and Color Meters

Light Meters and Color Meters

Light and Color meters are an extremely useful tool for lighting designers. They help you to ensure that all of your fixtures are matching up in the color space you’re working with, and they can help you match your lighting for Imag for video.

video Lighting Staples vs. Gimmicks

Lighting Staples vs. Gimmicks

With so many fixtures available in today’s market, it can be difficult to determine if every fixture is a “Staple” or a “Gimmick” in a lighting setup. Daniel and the DC Pro team talk through some of their "Staples" in a lighting rig, and a few “Gimmicks” to avoid depending on your scenario. They also discuss where to spend your ministry dollars on light fixtures in general.

video How to Pick the Right Fixture

How to Pick the Right Fixture

How do I pick the right light fixture for my church’s space? Daniel and the DC Pro team give some pointers and some basic guidelines for choosing a fixture for your space.

video Why Use Haze?

Why Use Haze?

Why do we use haze? Is It to look cool, or is there a greater purpose? Daniel and the DC Pro team discuss their thoughts on why we use haze.

video Oil Cracked Hazers

Oil Cracked Hazers

Hazers are the foundation to lighting, and without haze it can prove to be difficult to light a room well. Daniel and the DC Pro team talk through general hazer practices, as well as specific details and practices to get the most out of Oil Cracked Hazers.