Lee Fields

video Vocal Compression with Plugins

Vocal Compression with Plugins

Compressors are a great way to tame the dynamic range of a vocal. We'll learn what a compressor is and what all the different controls in a compressor are responsible for. Lee uses Waves Emo D5 to show this.

video Flown PA Deployment

Flown PA Deployment

Choosing a new long-term PA system for your space can pose a lot of questions. How big of a system can I use? How much can I get for my money? Jeff and Lee walk through an example scenario with the d&b crew.

video Portable PA Toning

Portable PA Toning

Making sure your various speakers in your PA system sound as close to each other as possible is key to having a neutral starting point to begin mixing. Jeff and Lee discuss how to ensure this with the d&b crew.

video Portable PA Install

Portable PA Install

Portable Point and Shoot PA Systems can be a good and practical PA system for your mobile church. Jeff and Lee show us how the d&b crew set up these types of systems, and how their software can help get the most out of these speakers.

video Array Calc Software

Array Calc Software

Array Calc is free software from d&b Audiotechnik that is used to see an accurate 3D representation of your spaces acoustical nature. This tool is especially helpful for when you need to plan out a new space, but can’t always hang speakers to test how they sound. Array Calc can help give you an idea of how it will sound!

video Sound Systems Overview

Sound Systems Overview

Sound systems have evolved dramatically over the years. With the vast amount of technology we have in our PA systems today, let’s take a look back at where we came from, and the work it took to get us to where we are now.