video Microphone Characteristics

Microphone Characteristics

Each microphone is different from the other not only in its construction but also in how it captures sound. Jeff and Charlie walk through these different characteristics, and how you can apply this knowledge when micing up a sound source.

video Introduction to Microphones

Introduction to Microphones

Microphones are one of the most important tools in live sound and recording. Without them, we have no way of capturing the sounds we hear. Learn how microphones work and what components they’re comprised of in this video.


#116 – Jason Waufle, Shure

Lee and Jeff chat with Jason Waufle from Shure about microphones, and best practices for deployment and management of RF wireless systems.
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#063- $100 vs $1000 Microphones. Guest Gene Kim.

Lee, Jeff, and Jay talk about the price of microphones and if there's a limit to how much we should spend on them. Then, a great interview with Gene Kim. Gene is the FOH engineer for Johnny Swim and Phil Wickham, former mega-church TD, coffee roaster, a
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