Physics of Sound

video Design Your PA For Intelligibility

Design Your PA For Intelligibility

Understanding the message conveyed is crucial, intelligibility isn't just about volume but clarity and quality of sound reaching every listener. Dive into the science of sound, illustrating how sound waves from a loudspeaker interact with room surfaces to create a diffuse field, which can diminish intelligibility.

video Sub Arrangements In ArrayCalc

Sub Arrangements In ArrayCalc

Dive into the complexities of subwoofer placement and its impact on sound quality at live events. Explore the common challenges faced with left-right sub deployment and see practical solutions for achieving even sound coverage across different venues.

video Understand SPL Distribution In Your Venue

Understand SPL Distribution In Your Venue

Explore how to analyze a sound system SPL distribution in your venue using Arraycalc. Learn to make informed decisions when designing or evaluating sound systems.

video Diffusion and Absorption

Diffusion and Absorption

Getting the acoustics in a room just right can be a bit of a balancing act. Jeff and Charlie discuss the two main ways that this balance can be achieved if you cannot afford an expensive remodel.

video Room Modes and Reflections

Room Modes and Reflections

When mixing sound, we cannot forget to consider the affect a space or room has on that sound. In this video, Jeff and Charlie explain the difference between direct and reflective sound, dive into the three types of room modes, and cover how both reflection and room mode affect sound wave behavior.

video Introduction to Envelopes

Introduction to Envelopes

Envelopes in audio are a part of every single sound we hear. In fact, having a firm grasp of the components of an envelope is essential to all areas of audio production. In this video, Jeff and Charlie define what an envelope is and how the four components of the envelope can be understood and adjusted when working with sound.