video It’s OK to Not Know Everything

It’s OK to Not Know Everything

video Your Actual Role

Your Actual Role

video No More Last Minute Changes

No More Last Minute Changes

video Going Beyond The Technical

Going Beyond The Technical

video Are You “That” Tech Person?

Are You “That” Tech Person?

video Align, Inspire and Motivate Your Team

Align, Inspire and Motivate Your Team

An often overlooked aspect of church services is the pre-service huddle. This is vital for team alignment, inspiration, and motivation. Hold a pre-service huddle before your service, discuss the event’s purpose, share stats and pray together. Thank your team members and make them feel heard and valued. This is also a time to make sure everyone is ready for the service, aligning hearts and minds for whats to come. Alignment and Preparation A pre-service huddle is key for aligning your team. This moment is about making sure everyone is on the same page and that they understand their role and are ready to execute the plan well. Alignment and preparation lead to an excellent service. Make sure everyone understands their role and the plan for the service. Acknowledgment and Encouragement The pre-service huddle gives you a chance as the leader to thank your team members. Do this publicly and notice individual contributions. Honor those who came prepared for the event. Not only does this motivate your team but it also fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation. Public acknowledgement and appreciation of team members builds relationships. Motivation and encouragement can be done through recognition of individual efforts. Spiritual and Mental Readiness In addition to the logistical and community aspects of a pre-service huddle, this time is also for spiritual preparation. This gives time for your team to refocus, to take a breath, and to pray before the event. Foster a spiritual and mental time of preparation for your team. Prayer and reflection are vital to do before any service starts.