video Metering a Mix With Plugins

Metering a Mix With Plugins

With most churches broadcasting, metering our loudness is more important than ever. Waves makes this easy with their WLM plugin. Jeff walks us through general guidelines for loudness, and how the WLM plugin works!

video Checking Phase with Plugins

Checking Phase with Plugins

Multiple microphones from single sources can cause phase issues as those sources interact with each other. The Waves InPhase plugin can help us identify if multiple mic’d sources are in phase or not. Lee shows how in this video.

video Using Dynamic EQ on Vocals

Using Dynamic EQ on Vocals

Once we have our vocal sounding good, we can often run into problems as our vocalists sing different songs as their intensity may be different song to song. Often we may hear a harshness in a certain frequency that we wouldn't in another song. Dynamic Eq is the perfect tool to remedy this, and Lee shows how to do it with the Waves F6 plugin.

video Fighting Stage Bleed in Vocal Mics

Fighting Stage Bleed in Vocal Mics

Live stages are noisy and full of microphones. Guitar and drum bleed into vocal mics can be very hard to manage. We’ll use Waves PSE to help fight some of the stage bleed in our inputs.

video Using Multiple Reverbs on Vocals

Using Multiple Reverbs on Vocals

Layering different reverbs to create your own reverb or having multiple reverbs on standby can be a great tool for adding some depth to our vocals. Lee shows us his approach to this with the Waves HReverb plugin.

video Setting Gain Before Using Plugins

Setting Gain Before Using Plugins

Whether mixing analog or digital, having proper gain structure will give us the best starting point for getting a good clean starting place for mixing. This is especially important as we begin stacking plugins. Lee explains this in detail in this video.