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Final Touches for your Two-Mix

Final Touches for your Two-Mix

There is a delicate balance needed to finalize your mix. Trey explains the critical role of the subtle use of overall compression in addition to multi-band compression. These techniques unify and enhance the mix’s coherence. Key Points: Use a multi-band compressor and a little overall compression on the master bus. Doing this will help you gently glue the mix together. Be sure to use restraint to keep the mix’s range and character. Finely tuning a multi-band compressor focuses on the low and high bands to find the best settings. These settings should enhance the mix without removing its natural dynamics. Adjust the compressor to achieve a subtle, yet effective, impact. Add a compressor with a low ration for a final layer of cohesion in the mix. Less is more with compression, to preserve the mix’s integrity while providing a polished finish. Dynamic EQ on key instruments lets the lead vocal shine through in the mix. When you compress specific frequency bands, it keeps the mix balanced and clear. EQ, compression, and effects should change as your mix develops. Big changes aren’t always needed. Approach mixing with a careful, detail-focused approach to respect the mix’s complexity and the listener’s experience.

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